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Bingo Terms and Glossary

Whether you're thinking about going to a local church Bingo game or getting ready to play some online Bingo, it doesn’t hurt to know some of the game’s terms and slang. Check Bingo Queen’s Bingo Glossary and see if you not only know how to play Bingo, but can also talk-the-talk.

Bingo Glossary

Bingo Books/Booklets- The amount of Bingo cards bound together.

Blackout- A common Bingo pattern, when someone has a Blackout they have every number on the board covered.

Bonanza- Many Bingo Halls offer what’s called a Bonanza game. This a progressive game where one number a game is drawn and regular players mark the number down on a card. Eventually after enough weeks a winner is determined.

Caller- The caller is the person drawing the numbers in a Bingo game.

Coverall- (Same as a Blackout)

Dauber- One of the easiest and most popular ways to keep track of your numbers on the Bingo card is to use a Bingo Dauber. This a round tipped marker is used to mark the called numbers with colored ink.

Early Bird Game- An early unscheduled Bingo game held before other games begin.

Free Space- The middle square of a Bingo Card is a Free Space. This means the square acts like a wild card and can used to make any number to complete and Bingo pattern.

Hardway Bingo (Hard-way Bingo) – A Bingo pattern where a straight line is formed without the use of a Free Space.

Hard Card- A Bingo card printed on a thick cardboard with shutters used to cover called numbers in the game.

Money Ball- In many Bingo Halls a number is drawn before the game, if the winner is determined by the that number (The Money Ball) the prize doubles.

Bingo Pattern- A shape of marked numbers on a Bingo card that allows the player to yell Bingo.

Wild Number- Adding a Wild Number to a Bingo game really increases the speed of the game. A number is usually drawn at the beginning of a game and players are able mark off that number and any number that ends with the Wild Number. For example if the Wild Number drawn is 5 than 15, 25, 35, 45 can be crossed off a card.

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